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The Law Offices of Robert E. White is a commercial litigation law firm located in the Financial District of San Francisco. The firm generally handles only litigation matters, and has extensive experience in the fields of contract litigation, creditors rights (including both pre and post-judgment remedies as well as fraudulent transfer litigation), real estate litigation, corporate and partnership…

Contract Litigation

Our firm is frequently called upon either to enforce a client’s contractual rights or to defend litigation based on a claimed breach of contract. Contract claims can be as straightforward as promissory notes (although defenses to such claims can be complex) or they can involve claims arising from the sale of goods or a “busted” real estate deal. Ideally our involvement is at the outset — the…

Creditors Rights

We have handled many cases on behalf of creditors in which we obtain provisional (pre-judgment) remedies such as writs of attachment and writs of possession, with the objective of securing our clients’ claims and recovering their property even before cases proceed to trial. The need for such relief has become all the more pressing as court budgets continue to shrink and it becomes increasingly difficult to…

Real Estate

We are called upon, from time to time, to assist our clients in connection with the foreclosure of liens affecting real property and to resolve other real estate disputes. One typical scenario involves a contract dispute where our client is either seeking to enforce a contract for the purchase of real property or is in a situation where it appears that the contract is no longer in effect or otherwise unenforceable….

Corporate & Partnership

We often provide guidance to our clients in connection with shareholder and partnership disputes where the owners of a business have a falling out. Sometimes these disputes can be resolved relatively amicably but if necessary, we will initiate appropriate court action seeking to dissolve the entity and assert control over disputed assets and property. In a related area our firm has handled and defended litigation…

Appellate Litigation

We have been involved in a wide variety of appellate matters, handling appeals in both the state and federal courts in California. One unusual aspect of our appellate practice has been the situation where the firm is enforcing a judgment for money while defending an ongoing appeal. Not many firms of which we are aware can do both, much less do so in a cost-effective manner. (For more information regarding the…

Insurance Disputes

We have handled many situations in which our clients have needed our assistance to get the benefits they paid for through the purchase of insurance. These disputes typically involve determining the extent of the insurer’s obligations both to defend and indemnify the insured in the context of a complex business dispute where the issue of coverage may not be obvious. Our representation can be as relatively…

Probate & Estate Litigation

Our firm has partnered with colleagues in the field of probate law to utilize our civil litigation, creditors’ rights, and appellate practices in a number of hotly contested estate and trust cases. One of those cases, David v. Hermann, 129 Cal. App. 4th 672 (2005) (rev. den.) resulted in an officially published decision of the California Court of Appeal that has been considered of groundbreaking significance….

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